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What on earth is Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

If a member of the public (e.g. an event attendee) gets injured or dies, or something they own gets damaged or lost, the event organiser might get blamed. This is when PLI steps in.

What will the Public Liability Insurance pay for?

Legal fees (lawyers are expensive!)

Compensation award by the courts (if the accident was in any way your fault)

How much should I be covered for?

Legal fees and compensation can really rack up! We offer £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m options, each of which represent the maximum amount available to you if an accident happens.

As a steer, 40% of event organisers opt for £5m, and 30% opt for £10m.

Is it a legal requirement?

No. However, do check your licensing conditions and your venue hire agreement. Both of those may dictate that you need PLI up to a certain amount.

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