About Team Vento

A little about us…

Organising an event is the hard part. Protecting it should be easy.

We’re reinventing how events are protected. Why? Because we know how much it hurts when they’re not. We’re all about putting a stop to the things preventing event organisers getting cover that works for them.

Goodbye bamboozling policies and tired old processes! The future is event insurance that’s easy to grasp, simple to buy and fast to pay.

We’re combining people with real events experience, with sophisticated technology to help event organises prepare to run events safely. And if the worst happens, you can rely on us to step in and pick up the pieces.


About Vento’s beginnings…

46% of events had no form of event insurance in 2019. Mind blown!

Even though protecting your event costs no more than two pub lunches, thousands of events are still at risk. Why? Lengthy buying processes. Zero trust. High costs. Slow claims. The list goes on. Here’s how Vento is different…

⁃ No nonsense policies (backed by A-rated insurers)
⁃ Apply in minutes, on the app or online
⁃ We’re affordable, and pay claims fast

“I thought it was mad that half of event organisers had all the worries and sleepless nights I had, but without any form of protection…”

– Freddie Sparrow, Vento co-founder

Today, working with co-founder Lucy and a team of other experienced events people, Freddie’s vision for Vento is clear – make event insurance the easiest part of organising events, so nothing gets in the way of people just like them creating memorable experiences for their customers.

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Our story, so far...


Event Insurance by Event People


Expanding our team, and lots of exciting new ideas in the pipeline - watch this space!


Vento launches and starts insuring Hijacked.


Freddie founds Vento, combining his careers in events, and insurance.

Lucy comes on board as co-founder.


The events industry is rocked by Covid, with thousands of events unprotected.


Freddie is forced to cancel second music festival for reasons outside his control - and moves into insurance.

Lucy starts her career in tech and runs summer coding schools - buying insurance the old way.


Freddie co-founds music festival Hijacked.

Lucy attends, who would have thought they be reunited years later?


Freddie starts organising local events at uni with friends.